White Combe - Route One


Start - Beckside SD 158 847  Distance - 3.8 miles Ascent - 1.300 feet Time - 2 hours : 05 minutes



The walk starts from a parking area at Beckside Farm on the A595 road 
A gate to the left of the farm gives access to a field path which is a Right of Way 
The path over Cross Bank avoids the danger of walking back along the A595
Looking over towards White Hall Knott and White Combe
The path rejoins the A595 at the Fox and Goose Cottages 
Another ROW footpath starts to the left of the cottages
The footpath rises to a gate at the top of the field which gives access to a sunken lane which runs between the hedgerows 
The sunken lane
White Hall Knott comes into view on emerging from the trees
A gate gives access to the open fellside below White Hall Knott
Above the gate a droveway path begins a rising traverse across the southern slopes of White Hall Knott
The upper Whicham Valley from the droveway 
Hook Knott across the slopes of White Hall Knott
Millom Park across the Whicham Valley
Midway along the droveway path
Looking back along the lower part of the Whicham Valley
The Coniston Fells come into view
The Duddon Estuary and Millom Park
At the end of the long rising traverse the droveway turns slightly to the west before climbing up to a shoulder behind White Hall Knott
The Coniston Fells
The summit ridge of White Combe comes into view
The Duddon Estuary and Walney Island
The droveway passes to the east of White Combe's summit.  Look for very faint path which turns off it to the left and heads directly towards the summit 
Black Combe from the climb to White Combe
White Hall Knott from the climb to White Combe
The Coniston Fells over the summit ridge of Gray Stones
The Duddon Estuary from the path to White Combe
Approaching the summit of White Combe
The Coniston Fells from just below the summit of White Combe
The summit cairn on White Combe
A few yards to the west of the main cairn is another tiny one
The Furness Peninsula across the Duddon Estuary from the summit of White Combe
Walney Island from the summit of White Combe
Black Combe from the summit of White Combe
Stoupdale Head from the summit of White Combe
The Coniston Fells from the summit of White Combe
We continue on from the summit cairn towards Whitecombe Head 
Black Combe from the path to Whitecombe Head
Looking back to the summit of White Combe
Looking over to Stoupdale Crags.  The path to Whitecombe Head divides, take the left branch which will intercept a clear path rising out of the Whitecombe Beck valley 
Joining the Whitecombe Beck valley path
The path leading down to the Whitecombe Beck valley
Black Combe across the Whitecombe Beck valley
The path is another droveway similar to the one used for the ascent
Looking back along the upper section of the path
After descending for 250 yards the path begins to zig zag down a steeper slope
Whitecombe Head from the steep descent
Looking across the steep slope towards Walney Island
The path turns again and continues down towards the Horse Back ridge to cross a footbridge over Whitecombe Beck
Looking back to Whitecombe Head
Looking down on the footbridge at the foot of Horse Back ridge
Hentoe Hill from the path down to the footbridge
The footbridge over Whitecombe Beck
Looking down the valley from the footbridge
Swine Crag on Whitehall Knott
Millom Park from near the the foot of the valley
Looking back along the Whitecombe Beck valley
The path re-crosses Whitecombe Beck to a gate which marks the limit of the Open Access Land
Looking back to White Combe from the Open Access land gate
A stile gives access to a farm track above Whicham Mill
Passing Whicham Mill
The track continues alongside Millhaw Wood past Ralliss Farm to join the A595 road directly opposite the car parking area beside Beckside Farm


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