Cunswick Scar - Route One


Start - Bradleyfield Radio Mast SD 490 924 Distance - 1.36 miles Ascent - 145 feet Time - 35 minutes



The small car park by the Bradleyfield Radio Mast on the Kendal ~ Underbarrow road is the starting point for this walk
A track beyond a locked barrier at the end of the car park leads through Cunswick Wood to the radio mast
Continue beyond the mast to exit the wood by a kissing gate with a fooptath sign for Cunswick Fell
Cunswick Fell from the gate
Initially the path is quite vague across the first field, head straight across it to come alongside the wall
Crossing Gamblemire Lane which is merely a grassy track which passes over the fell
Kendal from Gamblemire Lane
Beyond Gamblemire Lane the path turns to the north and crosses the brow of the field before descending to a gate
Looking over towards the Whinfell ridge
Cunswick Scar comes into view as the path begins to descend to the gate
Passing through the gate which is about three quarters of a mile from the car park
Cunswick Scar from just below the gate, the path continues to descend to a wide depression below the summit
Looking back to the Bradleyfield Radio Mast from the climb to Cunswick Scar
Looking over Scar Wood to Great Rigg, Fairfield, Sallows, Caudale Moor Yoke and Ill Bell
There are three paths rising from the depression, we climbed the central and most direct one which leads to a marker cairn
The marker cairn below the summit of Cunswick Scar
The summit cairn soon comes into view
The summit cairn on Cunswick Scar
Scout Scar and Whitbarrow from the summit of Cunswick Scar
Birch Fell on the horizon across the Lyth Valley
Distant views of the high fells to the north west are hampered by low banks of cloud, in fair conditions, a long line of fells fom the Coniston Fells to Ullscarf would be visible including The Langdale Pikes and the Scafells 
High Pike, Fairfield, Red Screes, Sallows,Caudale Moor,Yoke, Ill Bell, Thormthwaite Crag, High Street, Mardale Ill Bell, Harter Fell and Kentmere Pike from the summit of Cunswick Scar
The Shap Fells from the summit of Cunswick Scar
The Whinfell ridge from the summit of Cunswick Scar
Kendal backed by Benson Knott with the Howgills to the left from the summit of Cunswick Scar


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